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Atlanta, GA

This should be a brief scholarly description of the historical importance of the site, including short discussion of relevant associations that could be explored further (500-1000 words).

Founded during Reconstruction, Ebenezer Baptist Church served not only as a place of worship and community for Atlanta’s newly freed black population, but also as a hub of black resistance to segregation and racial oppression, This aspect of the church’s identity grew over the course of the early twentieth century, and became an especially prominent element of its mission when it called Martin Luther King, Jr. (son of the church’s senior pastor) to serve as co-pastor with his father in 1960.

The name of the church is a reference to 1 Samuel 7:12 in which the prophet Samuel is recorded as raising a monument to the Lord in gratitude for His presence with Israel during their battle with the Philistines. An “ebenezer” thus became tangible reminder of the providence of God… discuss in relation to CRM movement.

“Religion,” oil on canvas by Millard Owen Sheets at the Department of Interior, Washington, D.C.

24991uPhotograph in the Carol M. Highsmith Archive, Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division. LC-DIG-highsm-24731

In this 1943 oil painting by Millard Owen Sheets (June 24, 1907 – March 31, 1989), installed as part of a series of murals on The Negro’s Contribution in the Social and Cultural Development of America at the Main Interior Building in Washington, D.C., we see…

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MLK, Jr. Interview on Look Here, October 27, 1957 presented by NBC News Time Capsule

In this television interview given three years prior to his anti-communism sermon, King discusses the influences on his understanding of Christian conscience and dissent, including what he refers to as “Ghandi-ism.” In what ways does this earlier, more conversational discussion of the necessity for African American Christians to assert themselves as actors within the civil sphere prefigure the themes of King’s later statement?


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