Notes of Debates in the Federal Convention of 1787

by James Madison

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Saturday, September 1


Mr. BREARLEY from the Comme. of eleven to which were referred yesterday, the postponed parts of the Constitution, & parts of Reports not acted upon, made the following partial report. That in lieu of the 9th. Sect: of art: 6. the words following be inserted viz “The members of each House shall be ineligible to any civil office under the authority of the U. S. during the time for which they shall respectively be elected, and no person holding an office under the U. S. shall be a member of either House during his continuance in office.”

Mr. RUTLIDGE from the Committee to whom were referred sundry propositions (see Aug: 29), together with art: XVI, reported that the following additions be made to the Report-viz

After the word “States” in the last line on the Margin of the 3d. page (see the printed Report)-add “to establish uniform laws on the subject of Bankruptcies.”

And insert the following as Art: XVI viz

“Full faith and credit ought to be given in each State to the public acts, records, and Judicial proceedings of every other State, and the Legislature shall by general laws prescribe the manner in which such acts, Records, & proceedings shall be proved, and the effect which Judgments obtained in one State, shall have in another.”

After receiving these reports

The House adjourned to 10 OC. on Monday next2

1 The year “1787″ is omitted in the transcript.  Return to text

2 The phrase “to 10 OC on Monday next” is omitted in the transcript.  Return to text

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The year was 1787. The place: the State House in Philadelphia. This is the story of the framing of the federal Constitution.

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