Core Documents Collections is pleased to announce the completion of the first volume in our Core Documents on Core Questions series of books: The American Founding. This series, which will eventually consist of some 40 volumes addressing all the major topics, eras, movements, and ideas in American History and Government, will support teachers as they work to use more original documents in their everyday instruction, enabling students to learn to be deeper thinkers, better readers, and more informed participants in American civic life. Sample titles include:

  • The American Founding
  • Bill of Rights
  • Constitutional Convention
  • Causes of the Civil War
  • Civil War and Reconstruction
  • The Great Depression and New Deal
  • Executive Branch
  • Race, Gender, and Equality
  • Landmark Supreme Court Cases

Each volume will contain the following sections:

  • A scholar-written introduction to the topic, referencing the documents in the volum
  • The full text of essential documents on the period, theme, or institution, selected by an expert and reviewed by an editorial board
  • A thematic table of contents, linking documents together by idea and sub-thread within the volume
  • Thoughtful discussion questions for each document
  • An appendix of suggested secondary readings related to the topic

When complete, the series will be comprehensive and authoritative, and will present America’s story in the words of those who wrote it – America’s presidents, labor leaders, farmers, philosophers, industrialists, politicians, workers, explorers, religious leaders, judges, soldiers; its slaveholders and abolitionists; its expansionists and isolationists; its reformers and stand-patters; its strict and broad constructionists; its hard-eyed realists and visionary utopians – all united in their commitment to equality and liberty, yet so often divided by their different understandings of these most fundamental American ideas.

The first volume of the American History and Government Core Document Curriculum – the American Founding – is now available on iTunes and Kindle. You can also download a free PDF of the volume where you see its title hyperlinked above

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