Buchwald Summer Fellowships

A summer fellowship to make you the expert teacher your students need 

Ashbrook is pleased to announce a new summer graduate study program for secondary school social studies teachers. The Buchwald Summer Fellowship in American History and Government will provide teachers the opportunity to study in depth the people, events, and ideas they teach every day.

Who should apply?

The Buchwald Summer Fellowship is open to high school and middle school social studies teachers who want to deepen their content knowledge, be energized by bright colleagues, and be mentored by history and political science faculty distinguished for their teaching and scholarship.

How many Buchwald Fellowships are available?

Fellowship Students and ProfessorWe are seeking to identify and support teachers nationwide who are committed to teaching American history and government through the use of primary source documents. Ashbrook intends to offer up to 100 fellowships, and intends to include one or more Fellows from each of the fifty states. Priority will be given to applicants not already enrolled or taking classes within the Master of Arts in American History and Government program.

What does the Buchwald Fellowship cover?

Fellows will receive the full cost of tuition, room, board, and books to participate in a week-long summer graduate course offered through Ashbrook’s Master of Arts in American History and Government at Ashland University. Courses are offered on the campus of Ashland University in bucolic Ashland, Ohio. Fellows may take courses for graduate credit, or may participate an audit basis. Courses are available in a range of topics covering the breadth of American history, from the founding of the republic through the twentieth century. View the complete schedule of courses.

Fellows are expected to cover the cost of their own travel, but those traveling by air to the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport will receive complimentary shuttle service to campus. For those driving to our campus, parking is available at no cost.

What is expected of Buchwald Fellows?

DSC_0626Those receiving a fellowship will be expected to participate in one of Ashbrook’s graduate seminars offered on the campus of Ashland University during the Summer 2015 semester. All of our graduate courses are offered in a seminar-based, discussion format because Ashbrook views teachers of American history and government as scholars in your own right. Fellows will be expected to complete required course readings prior to the start of the course, so our faculty can engage you in conversation about American history and government. Fellows will also be expected to complete relevant coursework for course credit.

What do Buchwald Fellows receive upon completing the program?

Fellows who choose to take a course for graduate credit and who successfully complete all course requirements will earn two graduate credit hours from Ashland University. Thinking about earning a master’s degree? Credit earned as a fellow may be applied to the requirements of Ashland’s Master of Arts in American History and Government.

Fellows who choose to audit the course will receive a letter of attendance documenting their participation in 24 contact hours of instruction.

How can I apply?

To apply, simply complete our online application. Applications are due no later than Sunday, March 15th, 2015.

View the Course Schedule | Application Process Closed

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