Master of Arts programs in
American History and Government

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The Degree You Want and the Flexibility You Need

Discover the nation’s leading liberal arts program designed especially for social studies teachers.


Convenient Courses to Fit Your Schedule

With our combination of weeklong summer courses and online study, you can earn the degree you want without sacrificing quality.


Rich, Content-Based Curriculum

Rooted in the study of original documents and designed around the curricular needs of secondary school teachers, our curriculum focuses on the key events, ideas, and people in American history.


A Unique and Dynamic Faculty

Learn from leading historians and political scientists from universities around the nation.


Paying for Your Education

With our unique blend of on-campus and online study, a quality graduate school experience may be more affordable than you think.


Getting the Most for Your Tuition Dollar

Only MAHG offers a traditional graduate school experience on a schedule that allows you to meet your personal and professional obligations.


Getting Started

Take the first step. Learn more about MAHG and how you can be the expert teacher your students need.

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Take Your First Course at Ashland Tuition-Free

Take the first step. Receive more information by mail about Ashland’s Master of Arts in American History and Government and learn how you can take your first weeklong summer course at Ashland tuition-free.

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What Teachers Are Saying About MAHG

“The professors are dynamic and passionate teachers. At Ashland, I learned more in one week than I had in an entire semester at any other university.” is a project of the Ashbrook Center at Ashland University

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