Spring 2013

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Session 1: January 12 to March 8, 2013

The American Revolution
Instructor: Scott Yenor, Boise State University

Sectionalism and Civil War
Instructor: Eric C. Sands, Berry College

The Progressive Era
Instructor: J. David Alvis, Wofford College

The Early Republic
Instructor: Michael Schwarz, Ashland University

The Reform Tradition in America
Instructor: Robert J. Norrell, University of Tennessee

American Political Rhetoric
Instructor: Ken Masugi, Johns Hopkins University

The American Presidency II, Johnson to Present
Instructor: Jeremy Bailey, University of Houston

America and Its Music
Instructor: David Tucker, Naval Postgraduate School

Session 2: March 9 to May 4, 2013

The American Founding
Instructor: William Allen, Michigan State University

Civil War and Reconstruction
Instructor: Stephen Tootle, College of the Sequoias

Great American Texts: Abraham Lincoln
Instructor: Peter W. Schramm, Ashland University

Great American Texts: William Faulkner and Flannery O’Connor
Instructor: Mackubin T. Owens, U.S. Naval War College

The American Way of War
Instructor: William Atto, University of Dallas

Race and Equality in America
Instructor: Peter C. Myers, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

American Statesmen
Instructor: Steven Hayward, Ashland University

The American Western
Instructor: Christopher Burkett, Ashland University

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