Elliot’s Debates: Volume 1

Journal of the Federal Convention

Saturday, July 14, 1787.

It was moved and seconded to agree to the following proposition, namely:—

“That, to secure the liberties of the states already confederated, the number of representatives, in the first branch, from the states which shall hereafter be established, shall never exceed the representations from such of the thirteen United States as shall accede to this confederation.”

On the question to agree to the proposition, it passed in the negative.

Yeas: Massachusetts, Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, 4. Nays: New Jersey, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, 5. Divided, Pennsylvania, 1.

It was moved and seconded to reconsider the two propositions reported from the grand committee, and agreed by the house to stand part of the report entered on the Journal of the 6th instant.

It was moved by Mr. Pinckney, and seconded, to postpone the 2d clause of the report from the grand committee, entered on the Journals of the 6th instant, in order to take up the following, namely:—

“That the second branch of the legislature shall have thirty-six members, of which number

New Hampshire shall have, 2
Massachusetts,… 4
Rhode Island,… 1
Connecticut,… 3
New York,… 3
New Jersey,… 2
Pennsylvania,… 4
Delaware,… 1
Maryland,… 3
Virginia,… 5
North Carolina,… 3
South Carolina,… 3
Georgia,… 2

On the question to postpone, it passed in the negative.

Yeas: Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, South Carolina, 4 Nays: Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, Delaware, North Carolina, Georgia, 6.

And then the house adjourned till Monday.

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