Elliot’s Debates: Volume 1

List of the Members of the Federal Convention, which formed the Constitution of the United States

From, Attended
NEW HAMPSHIRE, 1. John Langdon, July 23, 1787.
John Pickering,
2. Nicholas Gilman, July 23.
Benjamin West.
Elbridge Gerry, May 29.
3. Nathaniel Gorham, May 28.
4. Rufus King, May 25.
Caleb Strong May 28.
RHODE ISLAND, [No appointment.]
CONNECTICUT, 5. Wm. Sam. Johnson, June 2.
6. Roger Sherman, May 30.
Oliver Ellsworth, May 29.
Robert Yates, May 25.
NEW YORK, 7. Alexander Hamilton, do.
John Lansing, June 2.
NEW JERSEY, 8. William Livingston, June 5.
9. David Brearly, May 25.
William C. Houston, do.
10. William Patterson, do.
John Nelson,
Abraham Clark,
11. Jonathan Dayton, June 21.
PENNSYLVANIA, 12. Benjamin Franklin, May 28, 1787.
13. Thomas Mifflin, do.
14. Robert Morris, May 25.
15. George Clymer, May 28.
16. Thomas Fitzsimons, May 25.
17. Jared Ingersoll, May 28.
18. James Wilson, May 25.
19. Gouverneur Morris, do.
DELAWARE, 20. George Read, do.
21. Gunning Bedford, Jun. May 25.
22. John Dickinson, do.
23. Richard Basset, May 25.
24. Jacob Broom, do.
MARYLAND 25. James M’Henry, do.
26. Daniel of St. Thomas Jenifer, June 2.
27. Daniel Carroll, July 9.
John Francis Mercer, August 6.
Luther Martin, June 9.
VIRGINIA 28. George Washington, May 25.
Patrick Henry, (declined).
Edmund Randolph, May 25.
29. John Blair, do.
30. James Madison, Jun., do.
George Mason, do.
George Wythe, do.
J. M’Clurg, [room of P. Henry.], do.
North Carolina Richard Caswell, (resigned).
Alexander Martin, May 25.
William R. Davie, do.
31. Wm. Blount, [room of R. Caswell,], June 20.
Willie Jones, (declined.)
32. Richard D. Spaight, May 25.
33. H. Williamson, [room of W. Jones.] May 25.
South Carolina 34. John Rutledge, May 25.
South Carolina 35. Charles C. Pinckney, do.
36. Charles Pinckney, do.
37. Pierce Butler, do.
GEORGIA 38. William Few, do.
39. Abraham Pierce, June 11.
William Pierce, May 31.
George Walton,
William Houstoun, June 7.
Nathaniel Pendleton,
Those with numbers before their names signed the Constitution, 39
Those in Italics never attended, 10
Members who attended, but did not sign the Constitution, 16

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