Agrippa Timeline of the Ratification of the Constitution by Gordon Lloyd


November 1787

Nov 23, 1787: Agrippa Letter I (Massachusetts)
Nov 27, 1787: Agrippa Letter II  (Massachusetts)
Nov 30, 1787: Agrippa Letter III (Massachusetts)

December 1787

Dec 3, 1787: Agrippa Letter IV (Massachusetts)
Dec 11, 1787: Agrippa Letter V (Massachusetts)
Dec 14, 1787: Agrippa Letter VI (Massachusetts)
Dec 18, 1787: Agrippa Letter VII (Massachusetts)
Dec 25, 1787: Agrippa Letter VIII (Massachusetts)
Dec 28, 1787: Agrippa Letter IX (Massachusetts)


January 1788

Jan 1, 1788: Agrippa Letter X (Massachusetts)
Jan 8, 1788: Agrippa Letter XI (Massachusetts)
Jan 11, 1788: Agrippa Letter XII Part 1 (Massachusetts)
Jan 14, 1788: Agrippa Letter XII Part 2 (Massachusetts)
Jan 18, 1788: Agrippa Letter XII Part 3 (Massachusetts)
Jan 22, 1788: Agrippa Letter XIII (Massachusetts)
Jan 25, 1788: Agrippa Letter XIV Part 1 (Massachusetts)
Jan 29, 1788: Agrippa Letter XIV Part 2 (Massachusetts)
Jan 29, 1788: Agrippa Letter XV (Massachusetts)

February 1788

Feb 5, 1788: Agrippa Letter XVI (Massachusetts)



In 1787 and 1788, following the Constitutional Convention, a great debate took place throughout America over the Constitution that had been proposed.

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