Welcome! We think teachers do the most important work in America. So we want to share your stories—with other teachers and with the public you count on for support. We’re especially interested in the ways you use primary documents. Please use the form below to drop us a line, give us a story idea, or share your story with us.

Here are some questions that interest us:
  1. Have TAH seminars helped you expand your use of primary documents? If so, tell us why.
  2. When you use primary documents, are your students more engaged in history and government? Tell us what happens. What questions do students ask? What “light-bulb moments” do you witness?
  3. How do you help students read and analyze documents from an earlier era—especially those with unfamiliar vocabulary or sentence structure?
  4. Have you found innovative ways of using documents in class projects?
  5. Have you used documents in debates, historical reenactments or role-playing?
  6. Have you based writing assignments on primary documents?
  7. Do your students use the US Constitution as a daily or weekly reference tool?
  8. Do you use photos or other images—posters, paintings, advertisements—as primary documents?