Resources for Teaching Online: Webinars on Great Speeches

BySarah Morgan Smith
On April 9, 2020

Speeches, orations, and addresses hold a special and central place in American political culture, and we’ve studied and discussed some of the best. In keeping with the limits of a Top 10, we had to make some cuts, but we think we’ve assembled a diverse and compelling selection. This collection of content-rich resources will help you and your students to meet some the greatest minds in our nation’s past, thinking alongside of them as they grapple with the urgent questions of their own time.

Our webinars are a conversation about critical questions between two scholars and a moderator, with questions from the live audience. The discussion is rooted in a set of primary documents published on this site in advance of each program. Many teachers around the country have used these to provide historical background students can access at home. They’ve used these webinars in “flipped” classroom formats and to help students who missed lessons due to absence.

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Below is a list of webinars on great American speeches from our archivesThese can be accessed without any form of registration. Each link gives you access to the documents discussed during the webinar, a video of the webinar on our YouTube channel, and our podcast archive of each episode. 

  1. Documents in Detail: George Washington’s Farewell Address
  2. Documents in Detail: Thomas Jefferson’s First Inaugural Address
  3. Documents in Detail: Elizabeth Cady Stanton’s Seneca Falls Address
  4. Documents in Detail: Speech on the Repeal of the Missouri Compromise
  5. Documents in Detail: Frederick Douglass’ “What to the Slave is the Fourth of July?”
  6. Documents in Detail: Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address
  7. Documents in Detail: TR’s “New Nationalism” Speech
  8. Documents in Detail: FDR’s Commonwealth Club Address
  9. Documents in Detail: MLK’s “I Have a Dream” Speech
  10. Documents in Detail: Ronald Reagan’s “A Time for Choosing” Speech

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Insights from History: Bad Medicine? The Effects of Economic Emergencies on Liberty, Democracy, and Prosperity


Documents in Detail: Herbert Hoover's Speech on the New Deal

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