MAHG Spring Schedule Release: New PD Opportunities

ByAmanda Bryan, 2019 MAHG graduate
On October 14, 2021

I finished writing the qualifying exam for my MAHG degree the weekend before COVID turned the world upside down. As I clicked “Submit,” I danced in my office chair, feeling giddy with pride that my paper was truly a portfolio of all I had learned in the previous four years. To answer the Lincoln question, I dug out my notes from Eric Pullin’s “Sectionalism and Civil War” class, while my “Progressivism/New Deal” answer leaned heavily on material from “The Rise of Modern America,” taught by David Krugler. This was not going to be some rubber-stamped degree! My MA in American History and Government represented the incredible wealth of content knowledge I gained through the program. 

It also represented the new skills I’d acquired. As I progressed through MAHG, my confidence in my ability to choose which sources to teach and how to teach them grew exponentially. Because I’d spent hours reading and analyzing primary documents, I felt confident teaching students how to do the same. I was fully prepared to lead student discussions, without fear that they would raise questions I couldn’t answer. I felt the process had molded me into a formidable history and government teacher. Not only was I now adept at teaching without a textbook, but I also felt empowered to become a curriculum leader within my district and state.  

There are many training opportunities out there for educators.  Some of them offer quality experiences, but none are quite like a MAHG class. MAHG classes are engaging historical roundtables. You and a group of your peers are invited into intense and lively discussions of enduring and relevant themes in American history and government. These discussions are moderated by content experts:  college professors who have thoroughly researched their subjects. They won’t lecture you on what they know. They’ll ask you what you think, while guiding the discussion in a productive direction. Let me put it another way – MAHG classes are everything that your average district professional development is not.

So come give a MAHG class a try this Spring. To ensure active participation and an intimate experience, all classes are capped at 16. For those who cannot commit to an entire course of study or are simply looking for a fresh PD opportunity, we offer professional development through our certificate programs in US History or Government.  

These are the classes we are offering in Spring 2022:

HIST 501 O1A/POLSC 501 O1A: The American Revolution (2)

HIST 502 O1A/POLSC 502 O1A: The American Founding (2)

HIST 503 O1A/POLSC 503 O1A: Sectionalism and Civil War (2)

HIST 505 O1A/POLSC 505 O1A: The Progressive Era (2)

HIST 506 O1A/POLSC 506 O1A: The Rise of Modern America, 1914-1945 (2)

HIST 510 O2A/POLSC 510 O2A: Great American Texts – Literature of the Vietnam War (2)

HIST 601 O2A/POLSC 601 O2A: Sources of the American Regime (2)

HIST 603 O2A/POLSC 603 O2A: Colonial America (2)

HIST 609 O1A/POLSC 609 O1A: World War II (2)

HIST 613 O2A/POLSC 613 O2A: Postwar America, 1945 to 1973(2)

HIST 624 O2A/POLSC 624 O2A: The American Western (2)

HIST 632 O1A/POLSC 632 O1A: The American Presidency I: Washington to Lincoln (2) 

HIST 633 O2A/POLSC 633 O2A: The American Presidency II – Andrew Johnson to the present (2)

HIST 643 O1A/POLSC 643 O1A:  Federalism, Separation of Powers, and the Constitution(2)


Saturday Webinar: Politics, Precedent, and Process: The Presidency and the Supreme Court


Documents in Detail: Gender & Equality

Join your fellow teachers in exploring America’s history.