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Program Report: Vietnam War Seminar in West Palm Beach, FL

October 21, 2015


On Saturday, October 17th, Palm Beach County School District hosted a One-Day Seminar on The Vietnam War. Dr. Will Atto from the University of Dallas led the discussion on this complicated and controversial modern American event. Participants discussed Diem’s rise to power and the American policy. Readings included pieces from John F. Kennedy, Dean Rusk, Robert McNamara, and Henry Cabot Lodge.  The conversation segued to the Tet Offensive and considered the impact the Tet Offensive had on American opinion, the media, politics, the war effort as well as the military morale. The last session of the seminar focused on Nixon’s “Peace with Honor”, Vietnamization, and the lasting legacy the Vietnam War had on a generation of Americans.

W Palm Beach 2015.10.17


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