September Programs and Website Update

On September 14, 2017

We’re trying something new in the form of a short, monthly website and programs update podcast, in which we’ll take a few minutes to highlight some of the newest and most relevant resources and programs we’re offering online and in person. This month’s update includes mention of the following:

  • Constitution230 – our resource to help you celebrate Constitution Day
  • American History Toolkits – our ‘on ramps’ to transitioning away from textbooks to a documents-based approach to teaching
  • Upcoming MAHG courses – live, online, documents-based graduate courses for teachers of American history and government
  • In-person events – an interactive calendar of programs taking place around the country, maybe even near you

Moments of Crisis Webinar: Election of 1800


Documents in Detail: Federalist 51

Join your fellow teachers in exploring America’s history.