From Bullets to Ballots
Cartwright, T. George Town and Federal City, or City of Washington. (Philadelphia: Atkins & Nightingale, 1801) Library of Congress,

Lesson Plan: Debates on Diversity in the Republic

ByTAH Staff
On June 15, 2012
Charles Willson Peale. Richard Henry Lee, 1784. Public domain.

This week’s suggested plan was created by Professor Chris Burkett and teacher Patricia Dillon and is entitled, “The Federalist and Anti-federalist Debates on Diversity and the Extended Republic.” Lesson one focuses on the Anti-Federalist argument while lesson two deals with Federalist arguments of Alexander Hamilton and James Madison and the extension of the republic (Federalist #s 9, 10 and 51). The printable PDF files that accompany each lesson challenge students to study primary that frame each debate. An incredible unit that will bring this period to life for your students.

If you are looking for curated and accessible documents on this subject for your classroom, please check out our CDC volume, The American Founding


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