Ashbrook Teachers engaging in discussion during the Father of the Constitution colloquia.

What's New at Teaching American History - Programs

BySarah Morgan Smith
On November 19, 2019

TAH offers much more than a top-notch collection of primary documents –TAH helps teachers across the country continue their education and take part in a conversation about America.

Visit the Programs section of our website to view the free seminars we offer nationwide, our monthly webinars, and our graduate program.

One-Day Seminars 

Offered in nearly thirty different states throughout the year, our One-Day Seminars give teachers an opportunity to explore themes in American history and self-government through the study of original historical documents.

Weekend Colloquia

These multi-day programs, held at historic sites, engage teachers of American history and government in an extended conversation about America’s constitutional tradition. This year’s colloquia feature primary documents on liberty and responsibility.

Monthly Webinars 

Each document-based webinar features a panel of scholars discussing a critical historical issue.  A moderator introduces questions submitted by a live online audience of teachers.

Graduate Programs 

The MA degrees in American History and Government offered by the Ashbrook Center at Ashland University use guided discussion, not lectures–and primary documents, not textbooks–to give social studies teachers the very best preparation for the classroom.

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