USS Midway Institute for Teachers

Join TAH.org and the graduate faculty. Lunch and a certificate for continuing education are provided,…

162nd Anniversary of Dred Scott v. Sandford

March 6th is the anniversary of the infamous Missouri History Museum today - "

2018-19 Liberty Fund Weekend Colloquia

The application window for the 2018-19 schedule of here.

Find Free Resources for Your American History Classroom!

If you’re like most teachers, you can’t help but put your students first. In fact,…

NCSS – Sign Up for TAH.org Resource & Program Updates

Join us at NCSS this weekend in San Francisco -

Weekend Colloquium: Andrew Jackson

From 3-5 November, TAH.org hosted 18 teachers from across the country in Nashville, TN, for…

Weekend Colloquium: Abraham Lincoln

TAH.org and Liberty Fund co-sponsored a weekend colloquium in Springfield, Illinois, October 13-15. 17 teachers…

Team-Teaching Social Studies and Language Arts in a Rigorous Project-Based Curriculum

Teachers who aim to impart critical thinking skills must be willing to trust their students.…

Liberty Fund Weekend Colloquium: Thomas Jefferson

15 teachers gathered in Charlottesville, VA, to discuss Thomas Jefferson through a collection of documents…
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