madison-lloyd-bookcover-medJames Madison, best known as the father of the Constitution, was also the most thorough and thoughtful scribe of what one person called in 1839 the “political bible” of the American people – the report of the proceedings and discussions at the Constitutional Convention of 1787. Through careful research, Professor Gordon Lloyd has recreated an edition of that report that most closely resembles the version Madison intended to leave behind for “all who take an interest in the progress of political science and the course of true liberty.” In addition to reaffirming Madison’s profound contributions to constitutionalism, Professor Lloyd’s edition restores Madison to his rightful place as the most trustworthy chronicler of the Constitutional Convention.

Gordon Lloyd is the author and editor of a series of online exhibits on the American Founding hosted by the Ashbrook Center’s website, These online exhibits focus on the Constitutional Convention, the Federalist-Antifederalist Debate, the Ratification of the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.

Drawing from his 50 years of scholarship and teaching, Dr. Lloyd has compiled within these online exhibits a wide range of primary and secondary sources from the American Founding. In addition, he has created or overseen the development of resources designed to help introduce interested teachers, students, or citizens to the American Founding, or to support scholars in their research and teaching about these topics.

The book is available in print from Amazon.  An e-version of the book can be purchased from the iBookstore or a PDF can be downloaded for free from this site. Kindle and Nook versions of the book are forthcoming.  In order to receive the free PDF version of the book, please provide your name and email address to us below and a link to the book will be emailed to you.

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