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Why TAH?

TAH programs are always free of charge to participants and are open to K-12 teachers in public, independent, parochial, and charter schools. Registrants are sent a primary documents reading packet in advance of the program, and a certificate for the hours they spend with us for the day.

Firefighting Teacher Helps Students Think About America’s Story

TAH seminars model a way of engaging students in the study of America that inspires Jesse Roberts to stay in the classroom.

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Upcoming TAH Programs

One-Day Seminar: Fragment On Constitution and Union – A. Lincoln hosted by Knox County, TN School District (Held Online)

Aug 03, 2021 | 12:55 PM - 2:30 PM |

Nestled among the complete speeches and writings of Abraham Lincoln are several fragments, or brief notes, that represent Lincoln’s thoughts on a variety of issues.... Read more »

One-Day Seminar: The Progressive Era hosted by Historic Columbia & South Carolina Council for History Education (Columbia, SC)

Aug 06, 2021 | 8:30 AM - 3:00 PM | South Carolina

After the Civil War, the challenges presented by a developing industrial economy helped to encourage the progressive movement of the late nineteenth and early twentieth... Read more »

One-Day Seminar: Madison & Hamilton: Competing Visions hosted by Florida Council for History Education (Held Online)

Aug 07, 2021 | 8:55 AM - 12:30 PM |

James Madison and Alexander Hamilton were allies as authors of the federalist Papers, and yet their views on how the new government should function and... Read more »