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Resources on the Convention

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Convention Attendance Record

This tool demonstrates visually which delegates were present at each meeting of the Convention.

Committee Assignments Chart

Track each member of the Convention’s participation in its twelve “Action Committee,” smaller groups tasked with helping the Convention move to the next stage of the deliberative and decision-making process.

Major Themes at the Constitutional Convention

A summary of the critical turning points of the Convention with links to the debates.

Selected Correspondence from the Convention

Despite the rule of secrecy that the delegates adopted, there is a great deal of correspondence that occurred during the Convention that reveals some of the twists and turns that took place behind closed doors.

The United States Constitution of 1787

Read the final text produced by the Convention and sent to the states for ratification.

Entertainment of George Washington at City Tavern

How might the delegates have celebrated the end of their labors (and what did it cost)?