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Monthly Webinars for High School Students

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Every month throughout the academic year (September through May), the Ashbrook Center hosts a free webinar for high school students to discuss one of the 50 Core American Documents.  One of our faculty members will lead a conversation with students from across the country, getting to the bottom of what makes these documents important in American History and helping students gain a better understanding of their meaning.  And it is a conversation!  Our faculty will lead the discussion, but they won’t lecture.  More is learned when students provide their own thoughts and actually discuss the difficult aspects of these documents.  We want students to learn by thinking for themselves, not just repeating the thoughts of one of our teachers.

All that is needed to participate is a stable internet connection, a web browser, and a headset with a microphone. A webcam is also useful, but not required. Interested? Register here and we will send you monthly reminders along with details on how to log in.

A schedule of webinars for 2020-21 follows. All webinars begin at 8:00PM ET.

September 13 – Topic: The Declaration of Independence with Chris Burkett and Greg McBrayer

October 11 – Topic: Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom with Cara Rogers

November 8 – Topic: Federalist No. 51 with Greg McBrayer

December 13 – Topic: Marbury v. Madison with Chris Burkett

January 10 – Topic: Gettysburg Address with Greg McBrayer

February 14 – Topic: Douglass’s Oration in Memory of Abraham Lincoln with Chris Burkett

March 14 – Topic: Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address with Chris Burkett

April 11 – Topic: Brown v. Board of Education with Chris Burkett

May 9 – Topic: King’s “I Have a Dream” Speech with Cara Rogers