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Elliot’s Debates: Volume 2

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Convention of New York

Wednesday, July 23, 1783.

—Mr. JONES moved, that the words on condition, in the form of the ratification, should be obliterated, and that the words in full confidence should be substituted—which was carried.

For the Affirmative.

Mr. Jay, Mr. J. Smith, Mr. P. Livingston,
Mr. R. Morris, Mr. Jones, Mr. Hatfield
Mr. Hobart, Mr. Schenck, Mr. Van Cortland
Mr. Hamilton, Mr. Lawrence, Mr. Crane,
Mr. Robt. R. Livingston, Mr. Carman, Mr. Sarls,
Mr. Roosevelt, Mr. Lefferts, Mr. Platt,
Mr. Duane, Mr. Vandervoort Mr. M. Smith
Mr. Harrison, Mr. Bancker, Mr. Gilbert Livingston,
Mr. Low, Mr. Ryerss, Mr. DeWitt,
Mr. Scudder, Mr. L. Morris Mr. Williams.
Mr. Havens,

For the Negative.

Mr. R. Yates, Mr. Wynkoop, Mr. Winn,
Mr. Lansing, Mr. Haring, Mr. Veeder
Mr. I. Thompson, Mr. Woodhull, Mr. Staring
Mr. Ten Eyck, Mr. Wisner, Mr. Parker
Mr. Tredwell, Mr. Wood, Mr. Baker
Mr. President, Mr. Swartwout, Mr. Hopkins,
Mr. Cantine, Mr. Akins, Mr. Van Ness,
Mr. Schoonmaker, Mr. Harper Mr. Bay
Mr. Clark, Mr. C. Yates, Mr. Adgate
Mr. J. Clinton, Mr. Frey,

The committee continued the consideration of the amendments till Thursday; when Mr. LANSING moved to adopt a resolution, that there should be reserved to the state of New York a right to withdraw herself from the Union after a certain number of years, unless the amendments proposed should previously be submitted to a general convention.

This motion was negatived.

The committee proceeded in the consideration of the amendments till

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