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Elliot’s Debates: Volume 4

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Convention of South Carolina

Saturday, January 19, 1788.

On the question being put for the Convention to assemble in Charleston on Monday, the 12th day of May next, the ayes and nays were as follows, viz.:—

For the Parishes of St. Philip and St. Michael, Charleston.—Ayes: Edward Rutledge, Dr. David Ramsay, William Johnson, C. C. Pinckney, Edward Darrell, Thomas Jones, Isaac Motte, John Mathews, Daniel Cannon, Daniel Stevens, John Blake, Anthony Toomer, John F. Grimke, Thomas Heywood, Jun., Richard Lushington, Francis Kinloch, Jacob Read, Edward Blake, John Budd, Rawlins Lowndes, Michael Kalteisen, Thomas Bee, Adanus Burke, Hugh Rutledge, Edward Lightwood.—Nays: none.

Christ Church.—Ayes: Charles Pinckney, Plowden Weston, Joseph Manigault, John Hatter.—Nays: none.

St. John’s, Berkley County.—Ayes: Peter Fassoux, Theodore Gourdine, Thomas Simons.—Nays: Robert M’Kelvey, Gideon Kirke.

St. Andrew’s.—Ayes: John Rivers, Glen Drayton, Thomas Farr, James Ladson, Charles Drayton.—Nay: William Scott.

St. George’s, Dorchester.—Ayes: John Glaze, Walter Izard, William Postell, John Bell.—Nays: none.

St. James’s, Goose Creek.—Ayes: Ralph Izard, Gabriel Manigault, William Smith, John Parker, Jun.—Nays: none.

St. Thomas, and St. Dennis.—Ayes: Thomas Screven, Robert Daniel, Thomas Shrubrick.—Nays: none.

St. Paul’s.—Ayes: George Haig, William Washington, Paul Hamilton.—Nays none.

St. Bartholomew’s.—Ayes: William Furguson, Peter Youngblood, William C. Snipes, John North.—Nays: none.

St. Helena.—Ayes: William Haxard Wigg, John Joyner, John Jenkins, Robert Barnwell, Benjamin Reynolds, Bernard Elliott.—Nays: none.

St. James’s, Santee.—Ayes: Thomas Horry, Jacob Bond, I’On, William Douxsaint, Lewis Miles.—Nays: none.

Prince George’s, Winyaw.—Ayes: Thomas Waties, Matthew Irvine.—Nays James Withers, Thomas Dunbar.

All Saints.—Ayes: Robert Herriot, Daniel Morral.—Nays: none.

Prince Frederick’s.—Ayes: none.—Nays: John T. Green, John Dicky, Benjamin Porter, James Pettigrew.

St. John’s, Colleton County.—Ayes: Isaac Jenkins, William Smelie.—Nays: none.

St. Peter’s.—Ayes: none.—Nays: James Thompson, John Chisholm, Jetta Fenwick, Samuel Maner.

Prince William’s.—Ayes: Pierce Butler, John Lightwood, John A. Cuthbert.—Nays: Stephen Bull, William Murray.

St. Stephen’s.—Ayes: none.—Nays: Thomas Palmer, John Coutuier, T Cordes.

District to the Eastward of Wateree.—Ayes: none.—Nays: Isaac Alexander, Thomas Sumter, Andrew Buskins, Joseph Lee, Thomas M’Faddin, George Cooper, Benjamin Cudworth, Samuel Dunlap, Hugh White.

District of Ninety-six.—Ayes: Patrick Calhoun, John Purvis.—Nays: Arthur Simpkins, James Lincoln, Adam Crain Jones, William Butler.

District Of Saxe-Gotha.—Ayes: none.—Nays: Joseph Culpeper, Henry Pendleton, John Threewits, Llewellen Threewits.

Lower Districts, between Broad and Saluda Rivers.—Ayes: none. Nays: Philemon Waters, George Ruff, John Lindsay, William Wadlington.

Little River District.—Ayes: none.—Nays: John Hunter, Angus Campbel, Levi Casey, James Mason.

Upper, or Spartan District.—Ayes: none.—Nays: Thomas Brandon, S. M’Junkin Winn, James Craig, John Gray, James Knox, John Turner, Aromanus Lyles, John Cook, James Pedian.

District called the New Acquisition.—Ayes: none.—Nays: Andrew Love, James Powell, William Fergus, William Bratton, Robert Patton, James Ramsay, John Drennan, James Martin, Joseph Palmer, Alexander Moore.

St. Matthew’s.—Ayes: none.—Nays: Thomas Sabb, J. Frïerson, Paul Warley.

Orange Parish.—Ayes: none.—Nays: William Robinson, Lewis Lesterjette.

St. David’s.—Ayes: none.—Nays: Calvin Spencer, Robert Baxwill, A. Hunter.

District between Savannah River and the North Fork of Edisto.—Ayes: none.—Nays: William Davis, Isaac Cush, James Fair, Daniel Greene.

Ayes,76. | Nays,75.

So it was resolved in the affirmative.


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