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Elliot’s Debates: Volume 4

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Convention of South Carolina

Friday, May 23, 1788.

On motion, Resolved, That this Convention do assent to and ratify the Constitution agreed to on the 17th day of September last, by the Convention of the United States of America, held at Philadelphia.

On the question being put to agree to the same, the yeas and nays were called for by the unanimous voice of the Convention, and are as follows:

For the Parishes of St. Philip and St. Michael, Charleston.—Yeas: His excellency, Governor Thomas Pinckney, did not vote. Lieutenant-Governor Thomas Gadsden, C. C. Pinckney, (general,) Christopher Gadsden, (general—member of Congress of ’65, at New York,) Edward Rutledge, (governor—one of the Congress of ’76,) David Ramsay, (Dr.,) Thomas Heyward, Jun., (judge—and one of the Congress of ’76,) Edward Darrell, Isaac Motte, John Mathews, (governor,) Edward Blake, Thomas Bee, (judge,) Daniel De Soussure, Thomas Jones, John F. Grimke, (judge,) William Johnson, John J. Pringle, (attorney-general,) John Blake, Daniel Stevens, Daniel Cannon, Anthony Toomer, Hugh Rutledge, (judge,) John Budd, (Dr.,) Francis Kinloch, Thomas Sommersall, Michael Kalteisen, (captain of fort Johnson,) Richard Lushington, (colonel,) Nathaniel Russel, Josiah Smith, Lewis Morris, Edward Lightwood, John Edwards. 31.

Christ Church.—Yeas: Hon. Charles Pinckney, Hon. John Rutledge, Hon. A. Vanderhorst, William Read, Joseph Manigault, Jacob Read, Joshua Toomer. 7.

St. John’s, Berkley.—Yeas: Hon. Henry Laurens, Gen. William Moultrie, Henry Laurens, Jun. 3.—Nays: Peter Fayssoux, Keating Simons, Thomas Walter. 3.—Absent: Francis Marion. 1.

St. Andrew’s.—Yeas: Glen Drayton, Hon. Richard Hutson, Thomas Fuller, James Ladson, Ralph Izard, Jun., Charles Drayton, Hon. William Scott. 7.—Nays: none.

St. George’s, Dorchester.—Yeas: John Glaze, Morton Waring, Thomas Warring, Maj. J. Postell, William Postell, Mathias Hutchinson, John Dawson. 7.—Nays: none.

St. Jame’s, Goose Creek.—Yeas: Hon. Ralph Izard, Peter Smith, Hon. Benjamin Smith, Gabriel Manigault, William Smith, J. Parker, Jun., J. Deas, Jun. 7.—Nays: none.

St. Thomas and St. Dennis.—Yeas: Hon. John Huger, Thomas Karwon, Thomas Screven, Robert Daniel, Lewis Fogartie, Isaac Harleston, Isaac Parker.—Nays: none.

St. Paul’s Parish.—Yeas: Paul Hamilton, George Haig, Joseph Slann, Roger Parker Saunders, William Washington, (hero of Eutaw and Cowpens.)—Nays: John Wilson, Hon. Melcher Garner. 2.

St. Batholomew’s.—Yeas: Hon. John Lloyd, John Crosskeys.—Nays: Benjamin Postell, William Clay Snipes, O’Brien Smith, Paul Walter, Edmund Bellinger. 5.

St. Helena’s.—Yeas: Hon. John Barnwell, Hon. John Kean, Hon. William H. Wigg, Hon. Robert Barnwell, Hon. William Elliott, Hon. James Stuart. 7.—Nays: none.

St. Jame’s, Santee.—Yeas: Isaac Dubose, Lewis Miles, Samuel Warren, Richard Withers, John Mayrant, Thomas Horry. 6.—Nay: John Bowman. 1.

Prince George’s, Winyaw.—Yeas: Hon. Thomas Waties, (judge of C. C. P., and chancellor,) Samuel Smith, Cleland Kinloch, Hon. William Allston, Jun. 5.—Nays: none.—Absent: Peter Horry. 1.

All Saints’.—Yeas: Daniel Morral, Thomas Allston. 2.—Nays: none.

Prince Frederick’s.—Yeas: William Wilson, Alexander Tweed, William Frierson, James Pettigrew. 4.—Nays: Patrick Dollard, William Read, J. Burges, Jun. 3.

St. John’s, Colleton County.—Yeas: Thomas Legare, Richard Muncreef, Jun., Hon. Daniel Jenkins, Hugh Wilson, Isaac Jenkins, Ephraim Mikel, William Smelie.—Nays: none.

St. Peter’s.—Yeas: John Fenwick, Joachin Hartstone, Seth Stafford, Rev. Henry Holcom. 4.—Nays: John Chisholm, John Lewis Bourjin, Jun. 2.—Absent: William Stafford. 1.

Prince William’s.—Yeas: Thomas Hutson, John M’Pherson, James Maine, John A. Cuthbert, John Lightwood, John Simmons, Stephen Devaux. 7.—Nays: none

St. Stephen’s.—Yeas: John Palmer, Hon. Hezekiah Mahams, Samuel Dubose, John Peyre. 4.—Nays: none.—Absent: Thomas Cooper, Thomas Palmer. 1 vacant.

District Eastward of the Wateree.—Yea: John Chesnut. 1.—Nays: Thomas Sumter, Andrew, Andrew Baskins, John Lowry, Benjamin Cudworth, William Massay, Hugh White, Thomas Dunlap, Samuel Dunlap, John Montgomery. 9.—Absent: S. Boykin.

District of Ninety-six.—Yea: Dr. John Harris. 1.—Nays: James Lincoln, Adam Crain Jones, Edmond Martin, Andrew Hamilton, Joseph Calhoun, William Butler, John Bowie, Hon. John L. Gervais. 8.—Absent: John Ewing Calhoun, Charles Davenport. 2.

North Side of Saluda.—Yeas: Samuel Earle, Lemuel J. Allstone, John Thomas, Jun. 3.—Nays: none.

South Side of Saluda.—Yeas: John Miller, William M’Caleb. 2.—Nays none.—Absent: Robert Anderson. 1.

District of Saxe-Gotha.—Yea: Hon. Henry Pendleton. 1.—Nays: Hon. Richard Hompton, J. Culpeper, William Fitzpatrick, Llewellen Threewits, John Threewits, Wade Hampton. 6.

Lower Districts between Broad and Saluda Rivers.—Yeas: none.—Nays: Hon. Edanus Burke, J. Lindsay, Philemon Waters, Robert Ruthford, Hon. J. Hampton. 5.

Little River District.—Yeas: John Hunter, Thomas Wadsworth. 2.—Nays: Samuel Saxon, Joshua Saxon. 2.—Absent: James Mayson. 1.

Upper or Spartan District.—Yeas: none.—Nays: William Kennedy, James Jourdon, Charles Sims, Thomas Brandon, Hon. Zacariah Bullock. 5.

District between Broad and Catawba Rivers, Richland County.—Yeas: none.—Nays: Hon. Thomas Taylor, William Meyer, Thomas Howell. 3.

Fairfield County.—Nays: James Craig, Jacob Brown, John Gray, John Cook. 4.

Chester District.—Yeas: none.—Nays: Edward Lacy, Joseph Brown, William Miles, James Knox. 4.

District called the New Acquisition.—Yea: Rev. Francis Cummins. 1.—Nays: Hon. William Hill, Robert Patton, Samuel Watson, James Martin, James G. Hunt, Samuel Lowry, Andrew Love, John M’Caw, Adam Meek, Abraham Smith. 10.

St. Matthew’s.—Yeas: Hon. William Thompson, Hon. Paul Warley. 2.—Nay: Hon. John Linton. 1.

Orange.—Yeas: Lewis Lesterjette, Jacob Rumph, Donald Bruce. 3.—Nays: none.—Absent: Lewis Golsan. 1.

St. David’s.—Yeas: Lemuel Benton, William Dewitt, Calvin Spencer, Samuel Taylor, R. Brownfield, Benjamin Hicks, Jun. 6.—Nays: none.—Absent: Trist. Thomas. 1.

District between Savannah River, and the North Fork of Edisto.—Yeas: Stephen Smith, Hon. William Dunbar, Joseph Vince, William Robison, John Collins, Jonathan Clark. 6.—Nays: none.—Absent: William Buford. 1.

Yeas, 149. Nays, 73. Majority, 76. Absent, 15.

So it was resolved in the affirmative.

JOHN S. DART, Secretary of Convention.

St. Philip and St. Michael,……… Yeas.
Christ Church,……… 7 0 0
St. John’s, Berkley County,……… 3 3 1
St. Andrew’s……… 7 0 0
St. George’s, Dorchester,……… 7 0 0
St. James’s, Goose Creek, ……… 7 0 0
St. Thomas and St. Dennis,……… 7 0 0
St. Paul’s Parish,……… 5 2 0
St. Bartholomew’s,……… 2 5 0
St. Helena’s,……… 7 0 0
St. James’s, Santee,……… 6 1 0
Prince George’s, Winyaw,……… 4 0 1
All Saints’,……… 2 0 0
Prince Frederick’s,……… 4 3 0
St. John’s Colleton County,……… 7 0 0
St. Peter’s,……… 4 2 1
Prince William’s,……… 7 0 0
St. Stephen’s,……… 4 0 3
District Eastward of the Wateree,……… 1 9 1
District of Ninety-six,……… 1 8 2
North side of the Saluda,……… 3 0 0
South side of the Saluda,……… 2 0 1
District of Saxe-Gotha,……… 1 6 0
Lower District, between Broad and Saluda Rivers,……… 0 5 0
Little River District,……… 2 2 1
Upper, or Spartan District,……… 0 5 0
District between Broad and Catawba Rivers, Richland County,……… 0 3 0
Fairfield County,……… 0 4 0
Chester County,……… 0 4 0
District called the New Acquisition,……… 1 10 0
St. Matthew’s,……… 2 1 0
Orange,……… 3 0 1
St. David’s,……… 6 0 1
District between Savannah River and the North Fork of Edisto,……… 6 0 1
Total,……… 149 73 14

Two hundred and thirty-six members appointed to the Convention.

Fourteen absent.

Two hundred and twenty-two attended, of which there were,

In favor of adoption,……… 140
Against adoption,………73
Majority,……… 67

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