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Pennsylvania and the Federal Constitution — Edited by John Bach McMaster and Frederick D. Stone

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Edited by John Bach McMaster and Frederick D. Stone

Published by the Subscribers by
The Historical Society of Pennsylvania

Prepared Under the General Supervision of
H. H. B. Meyer, Director, Legislative Reference Service, Library of Congress



Chapter I. The Struggle over the Constitution

Chapter II. The Convention Called

Chapter III. Before The Convention Met

Chapter IV. The Debate in the Convention

Chapter V. While the Convention Was Sitting

Chapter VI. After the Convention Rose

Chapter VII. Letters of Centinel

Chapter VIII. Sketches Of the Pennsylvania Members of the Federal Convention

Chapter IX. Sketches Of The Members Of The Pennsylvania Convention

Chapter X. Appendix. Wilson’s Notes – Replies of Mifflin and Morris to Centinel


List of Portraits

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James Wilson

Robert Morris

George Clymer

Alexander James Dallas

Anthony Wayne

Jasper Yeates

Thomas McKean

William Findley

Eleazer Oswald

Thomas Mifflin

Benjamin Franklin

Gouverneur Morris

Frederick Augustus Muhlenberg

Benjamin Rush