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Key Figures in the Ratification of the Constitution: Thomas Tredwell

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Thomas TredwellState: New York

Age at Ratifying Convention: 45

Affiliation: Antifederalist

Nom de Plume: possibly Brutus

Vote at Ratifying Convention: Nay

Date of Birth: February 6, 1743

Date of Death: December 30, 1831

Schooling: Princeton, 1764

Occupation: Lawyer, Politician

Prior Political Experience: Delegate to the New York Provincial Congress, 1774-1775; Delegate to the New York Constitutional Convention, 1776-1777; New York State Assembly, 1777-1783; New York Senate, 1786-1789.

Other Political Activities: United States House of Representatives, 1791-1795; New York Senate, 1803-1807; Surrogate of Clinton County, New York, 1807-1831.