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From Bullets to Ballots

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From Bullets to Ballots

Thomas Jefferson, C. Paul Jennewein, Marble, 28" dia., 1950, House of Representatives Chamber. Architect of the Capitol.

The Election of 1800 and the First Peaceful Transfer of Political Power

by John Zvesper

Reprinted with permission of The Claremont Institute.


Preface by Ken Masugi

Introduction by John S. Waggoner



Chapter 1: First Principles

Chapter 2: The Lessons of Constitution Making

Chapter 3: Anxious Confidence

Chapter 4: Doubts and Disunity

Chapter 5: The Republicans Organize

Chapter 6: The Republicans Persuade

Chapter 7: Foreign Affairs Delay the Republican Victory

Chapter 8: Suppression, Protest and the Revolution of 1800

Chapter 9: Conclusion: The Revolution of 1800 and Party Government

Appendix I: The Debt Assumption Issue

Appendix II: Thomas Jefferson’s First Inaugural Address



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