Executive Power in the Modern Presidency
Photograph of President George H. W. Bush on the Phone with German Chancellor Helmut Kohl, on the Day of German Re-unification: P16308-10; 10/3/1990; White House Photograph Office.

Executive Power in the Modern Presidency

Join our scholars on a Saturday morning for a moderated conversation about how the use of executive power has changed over time.

Topic: “What are the limits of executive power?”

Teaching American History’s Saturday webinar series provides educators with a chance to participate in a text-based roundtable discussion of American history and politics. For the 2022-2023 season we’ve chosen to highlight controversial topics from America’s past. These webinars are open to social studies, history, government, civics and humanities educators.



May 20, 2023 -
May 20, 2023
10:30 AM EDT
11:45 AM EDT
Teaching American History
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The Scholars

Honored Visiting Graduate Faculty at Gardner-Webb University
Honored Visiting Graduate Faculty at University of Oklahoma
Visiting Assistant Professor of Political Science at Ashland University