Reconstruction of the South. , 1857.:Eastern District of Penn. Photograph.


Before the Civil War ended, the Lincoln administration turned its attention to the enormous challenge of “reconstruction.” Reconstruction called for reconciliation between North and South. It also posed seemingly unanswerable questions. What was the proper political status of the formerly rebellious Southern states? Were they states reasserting their rights under the existing Constitution or conquered territories? What role should the national government play in protecting the civil rights of freedmen, blacks, and Unionists in those Southern states? What should happen to the high-ranking officials and military officers in the defeated confederacy?

This seminar will explore the questions posed by Reconstruction. Participants read significant primary sources curated by a Reconstruction scholar and participate in a conversation about the meaning of each source (found here). Each participant receives a reading packet of sources to prepare their questions, comments and observations for the seminar discussion.


June 14, 2022 -
June 14, 2022
8:30 AM EST
2:15 PM EST
Historic Columbia
Hampton-Preston House, Historic Columbia
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The Scholars

Honored Visiting Graduate Faculty at Mississippi State University