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Christ Church
(2nd & Arch/Market Streets)

Christ ChurchChrist Church, popularly known as "The Nation's Church," was built between 1727 and 1754. Word has it that the Church possesses "the only surviving outdoor depiction of any English royalty on any public building in what were the American colonies." George Washington (pew 56), Benjamin Franklin (pew 70), Betsy Ross (pew 13), and Thomas Jefferson attended services at Christ Church. Church historians note that a remarkable feature of the church is the wine glass pulpit built in 1769 by Jon Folwell who crafted the Rising Sun Chair at Independence Hall. Bishop White preached here for over fifty years. White, James Wilson, Jacob Broom, Robert Morris, and Pierce Butler are buried here.

According to David Stewart, "Christ Church in Second Street had a full octave of chimes, and [a]t Philadelphia there is always something to be chimed, so that it seems as if it was an Imperial or Popish city. Twice a week, the evening bells would announce the next morning's market (held on Wednesdays and Saturdays)."

Second Street North from Market St. with Christ Church
Christ Church
Christ Church Plaque Honoring Jacob Broom at Christ Church
Jacob Broom's Plaque at Christ Church Pierce Butler's Plaque at Christ Church
Sign Showing Who is Buried at Christ Church Sign at Christ Church
James Wilson's Tomb at Christ Church
Plaque Honoring Robert Morris at Christ Church
Sign at Christ Church