James Duane

James DuaneState: New York

Age at Ratifying Convention: 55

Affiliation: Federalist

Vote at Ratifying Convention: Yea

Date of Birth: February 6, 1733

Date of Death: February 1, 1797

Occupation: Lawyer, Politician

Prior Political Experience: Clerk of the Chancery Court of New York, 1762; Attorney General for the Colony of New York, 1769; Indian Commissioner for the Colony of New York, 1774-1775; Delegate to the Continental Congress, 1774-1783; Delegate to the New York Constitutional Convention, 1776-1777; Signer of the Articles of Confederation, 1778; New York Senate, 1783-1790; Mayor of New York City, 1784-1789.

Other Political Activities: Judge for the United States District Court for New York, 1789-1794.