One-Day Seminar: Lincoln and the Problems of Reconstruction, hosted by the Missouri Humanities Council (Kansas City, MO)

Study the problems that faced Abraham Lincoln regarding a reconstructed Union before, during, and after…

Federalist Papers


Amendments I–X: The Bill of Rights

Source: The Bill of Rights: a Transcription, America’s Founding Documents, National Archives,

Bill of Rights: Thematic Table of Contents

The Colonial Heritage The Massachusetts Body of Liberties, December 1641 The Maryland Act Concerning Religion,…

Transcript of David Frost’s Interview with Richard Nixon

Source: Sir David Frost, Frost/Nixon: Behind the Scenes of the Nixon Interviews (New York: Harper…

“The Presidency in 1960” (Remarks at the National Press Club)

Source: Papers of John F. Kennedy, John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum (Pre-Presidential Papers,…

Myers v. US

Source: United States Reports. Volume 272, Cases Adjudged in the Supreme Court at October Term,…

Speeches on the Removal Power

Source: Register of Debates, Senate, 23rd Congress, First Session (Washington, D.C: Gales and Seaton) 66,…

I Have A Dream

Source: Text is from the online version provided by The Martin Luther King, Jr. Research…
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