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Teacher Interview: Transitioning to Different Forms of Online Teaching and Learning

March 24, 2020

by Jeremy Gypton

Julia Fuette, 2012 graduate of our MAHG program, took some time to talk with Jeremy Gypton, Teacher Programs Manager, about her experience with and perspectives on teaching online. Formerly a traditional classroom social studies teacher, Julia now teaches fully online, in both synchronous and asynchronous formats. This 33-minute interview has some excellent advice in it, from how to conduct direction instruction to managing and fostering deep discussions, what you can get out of various popular online resources and systems, and how to get and stay connected with your students as learners and people. She also gives some great advice about how to keep your stress level in check.

Resources she mentioned include Schoology, Canvas, Google Classroom, Zoom, Google Hangouts and Calendar, and TAH.org. She also suggested reading the following articles:

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