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Teaching American History is a free resource that brings together primary documents, continuing education, and community for American history teachers.

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This CDC volume focuses on several key themes and ideas that have shaped our history, including equality and liberty, race and civil rights, religion and politics, America's uniqueness and place in the world, the relationship between the states and the federal government, and the federal government and daily lives of Americans.

Introducing 50 Core American Documents

Learning through discussion, led by a scholar.

Teaching American History programs are different from other teaching seminars you might attend. In our seminars, participants read primary sources from American history and spend their time in thoughtful discussion. They leave with a richer appreciation for broader themes in history and a better understanding of how to bring discussion-based learning to their own classrooms.

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Earn a Master's degree that matters.

Through Ashland University, Teaching American History offers a Master of Arts in American History and Government. This content-specific master's degree program is the best of Teaching American History discussion, debate, and analysis led by leading historians and political scientists.

A richer learning experience: teaching history with Core Documents.

When students read from primary documents, they access history directly from those who lived and wrote it. In examining the great themes of America's past, they become part of it, gaining a deeper understanding and relationship with it.

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Teaching American History's Document Collection curates thousands of documents spanning from first contact to the present day. Teachers may annotate, save, share, and print these documents, creating custom collections to suit their classrooms' needs.

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Teachers across the country are uncovering the story of our nation.

Our Teacher Partners strengthen their American history, government, and civics classes through primary document discussion. Learn more about their experience.

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A strong foundation in primary documents

The Core Documents Volumes

Edited with commentary by leading scholars, the Core Document collections curate key primary sources that track a single theme throughout the course of American history. Available to teachers as bound paperbacks or as PDF files, they are a foundational piece to any documents-based curriculum.

Join your fellow teachers in exploring America's history.