One Day Seminars

Take Part in a Conversation About America

Our One-Day Seminars for social studies teachers provide an opportunity to explore themes in American history and self-government through the study of original historical documents. Each Seminar is a day-long experience and limited to 20 teachers.

Discussions, Not Lectures.

Not a lecture or a discussion of pedagogy, each Seminar is designed as a conversation among peers in which classroom teachers are active participants in learning. will bring in a scholar, expert in the topic of the day, to facilitate a discussion using the documents provided.

Texts, Not Textbooks.

At TAH, we believe that the best way to understand history is through the words of those who lived it. Every TAH seminar participant will receive a set of primary source readings selected to help them understand the major ideas, events, and people related to the seminar topic in American history, government and civics as those ideas and events would have been understood by the people experiencing them in the past.

Why TAH?

Discover the nation’s leading program in the people, events, and ideas that make up American history.

A Unique and Dynamic Faculty.

Learn from leading historians and political scientists from universities around the nation.