Major Themes of the Adoption of the Bill of Rights

We have included coverage of six major themes of the Bill of Rights in response to requests from teachers and users of our site for a focused coverage of issues that they have deemed worthy of such emphasis.

1. Father James and the Levy Thesis

2. The Magna Carta and the Bill of Rights

3. The Constitutional Framers and the Bill of Rights

4. Did Madison Flip-Flop?

5. The Two Religion Clauses

6. What about the Two Amendments and Three States that Got Away?



Introductions, the documentary history of each amendment, and major themes about the adoption of the Bill of Rights.

From Political Liberty to Social Freedom

Using artwork, see how the idea of rights has changed throughout American history.

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Documentary Origins and Politics of the Bill of Rights

Interactive chart showing the origins of each of the rights in the Bill of Rights.

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