Timeline of the Essential Antifederalists


September 1787

   Sep 27, 1787: Cato I (New York)

October 1787

Oct 5, 1787: Centinel I (Pennsylvania)
Oct 8, 1787: Federal Farmer I (Virginia)
Oct 12, 1787: Federal Farmer IV (Virginia)
Oct 18, 1787: Brutus I (New York)
Oct 27, 1787: An Old Whig IV (Pennsylvania)

November 1787

Nov 1, 1787: An Old Whig V (Pennsylvania)
Nov 1, 1787: Brutus II (New York)
Nov 15, 1787: Brutus III (New York)
Nov 22, 1787: Cato V (New York)
Nov 29, 1787: Brutus IV (New York)

December 1787

Dec 13, 1787: Brutus V (New York)
Dec 18, 1787: Agrippa VII (Massachusetts)
Dec 18, 1787: The Dissent of the Minority of the Convention of Pennsylvania (Pennsylvania)


January 1788

Jan 17, 1788: Brutus IX (New York)
Jan 31, 1788: Brutus XI (New York)

March 1788

Mar 20, 1788: Brutus XV (New York)



Learn about the “Out of Doors” debate that took place across the states between those who supported the Constitution, and those who did not.


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Learn about the key figures in the Federalist and Antifederalist debate over the proposed Constitution.

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