Homeschool Resources and the Ashbrook Center offer a variety of resources and programs to homeschool parents and students, just as we do for traditional school teachers and their classes. All our web-based resources are free to use by anyone, and access to our graduate, undergraduate, and high school programs are open to anyone who would like to apply. Below are some resources that we believe are particularly useful to homeschoolers.

  • Free Homeschool American History Curriculum – This one-year course in American History is rooted entirely in primary documents – all of which are available on our site – and was developed by a group of scholars and veteran homeschool parents.
  • Monthly Webinars – Every month from September through May we offer a webinar on one of the 50 Core American Documents for high school students. The document covered matches up with the units in our free curriculum.  Students utilizing the curriculum are welcome to join in on these webinars monthly to assist in their studies.  Even those that aren’t using the curriculum are welcome to attend and participate in the conversation. Interested?  Register here.
  • Saturday Webinars – These monthly programs are for teachers who want to learn more about the content they teach. They are free to anyone and we welcome homeschool educators to join us for these programs. We also archive all the video, audio, and documents for past programs.
  • Documents Library – We have over 2300 primary documents online, all free to access and use as you wish.
  • 50 Core American Documents – A collection of 50 of the most important documents in American history and government, each with a scholar-written summary, thoughtful questions, and related documents. If you are wondering where to start with a documents-based study of America, this is the place. You can also download a PDF copy here.
  • Religion in America – A study of the role of religion in American culture, society, and government – rooted, of course, in primary documents.
  • Online Exhibits on the American Founding – Four separate immersive online experiences about the American Founding.

In addition to our various resources, we offer several different programs for teachers and students.

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