American Anti-Slavery Society 1833

Baconianism and the Bible

Benjamin Morgan Palmer

An address delivered before the Eumenean and Philanthropic Societies of Davidson College excerpted from the printed version in Southern Presbyterian Review in 1852.

August 11, 1852

Cotton is King

Sen. James Henry Hammond (D-SC)

On the Admission of Kansas, Under the Lecompton Constitution

Speech Before the United States Senate

March 04, 1858

Last Words

New York World editorial November 8, 1864

Ex Parte Milligan

Justice Davis (Opinion of the Court)

71 U.S. 2 (4 Wall.)

April 3, 1866

First Reconstruction Act

An Act to provide for the more efficient Government of the Rebel States

Passed over President Johnson’s veto

March 02, 1867

Plea for Amnesty

Sen. Carl Schurz (R-MO)

Speech in the United States Senate

January 30, 1872

Did John Brown Fail?

Frederick Douglass

Address Delivered in Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia

At the 14th Anniversay of Storer College

May 30, 1881

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