American History Toolkits

  • Introduction
  • Founding
  • Expansion
  • Civil War
  • Progressive Era
  • Depression & WW2
  • Civil RIghts


What are Toolkits? How are they organized? What is in each of them?

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The American Founding

The American Revolution and Founding – a history of the American idea in action from the 1770s through the early 1790s.

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Expansion & Sectionalism

America expands in size, suffrage, and political strife from the early to mid-19th Century, solving some issues while others drive the young nation apart.

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Civil War & Reconstruction

North and South at war in the greatest military conflict to take place in the Western Hemisphere, fighting over the political and moral future of the country.

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The Progressive Era

Urbanization, a second wave of industrialization, and the emerging “science” of government contribute to vast political and economic changes in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries.

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The Great Depression & World War II

Two of the greatest threats to America, in sequence: an economic downturn over a decade in length, and a global war started by powers antithetical to American views on self-government, liberty, and individual rights.

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Civil Rights

The unrealized promises of the Declaration of Independence under a harsh light in the 1950s and 1960s, as a movement organizes and takes action to cash the check written by the Founders.

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