Insights from History: The Power of the Pulpit in Times of Crisis: From the American Revolution to the Coronavirus

ByJeremy Gypton
On April 25, 2020

Examine the role of religion and religious activity during times of crisis through a series of historical case studies. Join Dr. Jeff Sikkenga of Ashland University and Executive Director of the Ashbrook Center as he discusses these topics with Professor Melissa M. Matthes of the United States Coast Guard Academy.

This special program, the last in our “Insights from History” series, aired at 1pm ET on Wednesday, 29 April.

Suggested readings:

Additional Readings on the topic:

  • Political sermons of the American Founding Era, vol. 1 and II. Ellis Sandoz
  • The Martyred President: Sermons Given on the Occasion of the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln, Pitts Theology Library.
  • When a Community Weeps: Case Studies in Group Survivorship Ellen Zinner and Mary Beth Williams
  • Preaching With Sacred Fire: An Anthology of African American Sermons 1750 – to the Present, ed. Martha Simmons and Frank A Thomas
  • Lament for a Son Nicholas Wolterstorff
  • Collected Sermons of William Sloan Coffin: The Riverside Years, vol. I and II
  • A Tribute: Classic Sermons of Billy Graham, ed. Patrick Doucette
  • A Knock at Midnight: Inspiration from the Great Sermons of Martin Luther King, Jr. ed. Clayborne Carson.
  • Glorious Women: Award Winning Sermons about Women Dorothy Emerson and Bonnie Smith

Beyond the Amistad: The antislavery legislative career of John Quincy Adams

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