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New TAH Podcast: In Their Words

September 30, 2020

by Jeremy Gypton

TAH is happy to announce the upcoming launch of a new podcast, In Their Words, which will be a twice-monthly program consisting of interviews with teachers in the TAH network. In each episode we’ll discuss the use of original documents and will offer ideas about how to use them with students. Jeremy Gypton and Ray Tyler, Teacher Program Managers, will conduct these interviews and each episode will include links to the documents mentioned. This podcast, formally launching on 14 October 2020, will be available via its own URL, which we will post and promote before the start date.

In the meantime, this sample episode features Jeremy and Ray discussing the format and intentions of the new program, in which they offer their own ideas for documents to use in the classroom.

Documents Mentioned:

Next week we’ll publish a full episode on this podcast stream and will have the new URL ready so you can subscribe and have content on day 1 of the new series, 14 October.

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