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TAH Webinars: How They Are Different and Why You Should Register

July 25, 2019

by Caleb Boyer


As with all TAH programs, our webinar series are designed to help classroom teachers improve their knowledge of American history, government, and civics through the reflective discussion of primary documents. Featuring a panel of scholars who talk together, responding to each other’s views and modeling civil discourse, each panel also includes opportunities for registered participants to ask questions in real time.

Each webinar is rooted in primary documents to help participants understand historical figures as they understood themselves and the world around them. For each of our upcoming 2019-20 webinar seriesThe American Mind and Documents in Detailthe primary document readings will be made available one month before each show date and will be accessible through live links on our website.

Conversational Learning With A Panel of Scholars

At TAH, we believe conversation is the best way for citizens to engage with each other and deepen their understanding of the past and its resonances in the present. That’s why we have designed our webinars to be conversations among the scholars in our network of faculty. Webinars are an opportunity to listen in as they discuss the enduring issues of American history and government in response to questions raised by the live audience. The chat window is open throughout each webinar – we hope you’ll join in!

Beyond the benefits of great conversation and critical consideration of primary documents related to America’s history, TAH webinars are easily accessible and serve as a practical resource for teachers seeking additional information on specific topics or documents in American history.

Why You Should Register

If you are thinking about attending a TAH webinar, here are some important points to remember:


There is no cost to listen in or  ask questions of our panel of scholars. You can participate as much or as little as you’d like.


All participants who attend at least 60 minutes of a 75-minute live webinar, or 45 minutes of a 60-minute live webinar will receive a downloadable, printable certificate documenting their contact hours.


While our webinars are designed to help secondary social studies teachers continue their education, we encourage and welcome students and interested citizens to join us. To access the live program in the WebEx Training Center classroom, participants only need a computer with speakers and a microphone, a broadband internet connection, and a current web browser.


You can re-watch or listen to all archived TAH webinars. Everyone who registers for a webinar – whether they attend or not – will receive a link to the archived webinar video and audio a week after the live air date. You can immediately access all previous TAH webinars through our YouTube Channel and iTunes.

Not confident that your computer and tech skills are up to the challenge? Read through this guide. It details setting up your computer, joining live webinars, and troubleshooting potential issues.

Our 2019-20 Webinar Series

For this upcoming school year, TAH will have two monthly webinar series: American Minds and Documents in Detail.

American Minds | 11 am on Saturday mornings

We revisit a theme we’ve studied in past webinar series: the influence of key individuals on the American story, specifically those who have helped to shape our culture, society, and government through literature, reform leadership, science, religion, and war – as well as politics. Our American Minds webinar series will help you integrate a broader selection of important Americans into your history and government courses, and will also provide English teachers with an easy avenue to consider some literary icons from a historical perspective. Here are the upcoming webinars in this series:

  • Jonathan Edwards – 17 AUG 19
  • Benjamin Franklin – 7 SEP 19
  • Alexander Hamilton – 5 OCT 19
  • Henry Clay – 2 NOV 19
  • Harriet Beecher Stowe – 7 DEC 19
  • Frederick Douglass – 11 JAN 20
  • William Jennings Bryan – 1 FEB 20
  • Jane Addams – 7 MAR 20
  • Douglas MacArthur – 4 APR 20
  • Ralph Ellison – 2 May 20

Documents in Detail | 7 pm on Wednesday evenings

Documents in Detail offers a close read and in-depth discussion of a single document from our collection of 50 Core American Documents in each episode. Scholars will discuss the historical context of the document, as well as the author who speaks to us through it, his or her purpose, ideas, and use of language, and the audience that the author addressed. Each in-depth discussion will not only help teachers gain a deeper understanding of a core document from American History; it will also model a way of analyzing other historical documents. Over the course of the series, we will visit key documents from 1776 to 1964, discussing their impact on politics, law, and culture. Check out each upcoming webinar in this series:

  • Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom – 28 AUG 19
  • Federalist No. 1 – 25 SEP 19
  • Thomas Jefferson’s First Inaugural Address – 23 OCT 19
  • The Webster-Hayne Debates – 20 NOV 19
  • John C. Calhoun’s Speech on the Oregon Bill – 18 DEC 19
  • Abraham Lincoln’s Fragment on the Constitution and Union – 22 JAN 20
  • Plessy v. Ferguson – 19 FEB 20
  • 1912 Progressive Party Platform – 25 MAR 20
  • Speech on the 150th Anniversary of the Declaration of Independence – 22 APR 20
  • Herbert Hoover’s Speech on the New Deal – 13 May 20

We hope you’ll take part in our webinar series this upcoming school year.

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