The Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln

ByTAH Staff
On July 9, 2012
Alexander Gardner. Abraham Lincoln. 1863. matte collodion print. Public Domain courtesy of Mead Art Museum.

In 1953, the Abraham Lincoln Association published The Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln, a multi-volume set of Lincoln’s correspondence, speeches, and other writings.  Roy P. Basler and his editorial staff, with the continued support of the association, spent five years transcribing and annotating Lincoln’s papers.  The Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln represented the first major scholarly effort to collect and publish the complete writings of Abraham Lincoln, and the edition has remained an invaluable resource to Lincoln scholars. Through the efforts of the Abraham Lincoln Association, the edition is now available in electronic form at the linked above site. These works can be searched using a variety of methods which will help teacher and student alike save time to more fully grasp Lincoln’s ideas.

If you are looking for curated and accessible documents on this subject for your classroom, please keep an eye out for our new CDC volume, Abraham Lincoln, available Winter 2023.


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