Milan Decree

Milan Decree

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AMSTERDAM, Dec. 30, 1807

“We have to inform you that this morning we received Official Intelligence of a Proclamation issued by the French Emperor from Milan, respecting the Navigation of Neutrals—the following are the chief heads of this important state paper:—

“Every vessel which has been visited by an English ship, or which has submitted to make a voyage to England, or has paid any duty to the English government, is by this alone declared to become DENATIONALLISE, to have forfeited the rights of her flag, and shall be considered as English property.

“All vessels which thus through the arbitrary measures of the English government have forfeited the rights of their flag, and might come into our harbors or in those of our allies, or might fall into the hands of our ships of war or privateers are declared good and lawful prize.

“Every vessel of whatever nation she may be, or of whatever description her cargo may be, which is cleared out in the harbors of England, or in English colonies, or in places in possession of English troops or steering her course to England, English colonies, or to places in possession of English troops, shall be considered good and lawful prize.”

The British islands are declared in a state of Blockade both by Sea and Land!!!

The above decree is dated at Milan, the 17th Dec. 1807.

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