Lauren K. Hall

Rochester Institute of Technology
Honored Visiting Graduate Faculty

Lauren Hall is Professor and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, College of Liberal Arts, Rochester Institute of Technology. She is the author of The Medicalization of Birth and Death (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2019) and Family and the Politics of Moderation (Baylor University Press, 2014) and the co-editor of a volume on the political philosophy of French political thinker Chantal Delsol. She has written extensively on the classical liberal tradition, including articles on Edmund Burke, Adam Smith, and Montesquieu. She serves on the editorial board of the interdisciplinary journal Cosmos+Taxis, which publishes on spontaneous orders in the social and political worlds. Her current research is on the moral and political implications of healthcare regulations as well as issues relating to gender and the family. She blogs on a variety of issues at ​

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