My Dear Sir,

The tories dread a declaration of independency and a course of conduct on that plan more than death. They console themselves with a belief that the southern colonies will not accede to it. My hand and heart is full of it. There will be no abiding union without it. When the colonies come to be pressed with taxes they will divide and crumble to pieces. Will a government stand on recommendations? They will not. Can we subsist, and support our trading people without trade? It appears more and more every day in the country and the army that we cannot. Nay, without a real continental government our army will overrun us, and people will by and by, sooner than you may be aware of, call for their old constitutions, and as they did in England after Cromwell’s death, call in Charles the Second. For God’s sake let there be a full revolution, or all has been done in vain.

Independence and a well planned continental government will save us. God bless you. Amen and