Patriots vs. Loyalists: Great American Debates

Ep. 201801
75 minute listen

In what ways did the American Revolution divide family and community loyalties?

The 2018-19 season of TAH.org’s Saturday Webinars got off to a great start on 18 August, when our scholars dug deeply into the political, social, and economic rifts that grew between neighbors and even within families during the American War for Independence. British America, after over 150 years of colonial efforts, reached a boiling point in the decade after the French-Indian War, eventually giving way to the American Revolution, both in the mind and on the field of battle. But not all Americans saw the situation in such stark terms as stated by Patrick Henry, Samuel Adams, Richard Henry Lee, and eventually Thomas Jefferson. In a manner similar to what their grandchildren would experience during the tragedy of the Civil War, Americans in the 1770s were faced with the prospect of choosing sides, which could mean doing so against family or friends.

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