About Our MA Programs

The Master of Arts programs in American History and Government offered by Ashland University are designed to give social studies teachers the very best preparation for the classroom. With a curriculum focused on the use of primary source documents, you’ll develop the expertise you need to bring history to life for your students. Our seminar-style classes encourage you to be engaged learners, rather than simply listening to lectures. Our faculty treat you as colleagues, respecting your work as teachers, and helping you grow as scholars. Our goal is to bring social studies teachers into a conversation about the American experiment in self-government. Our hope is that America’s students will be brought into this conversation as well.

A Conversation About America.

Professors Chris Burkett and John Moser, Co-Chairs of the Master of Arts program in American History and Government at Ashland University, explain how the program brings teachers into a conversation about America.

Designed for Teachers.

The Master of Arts programs in American History and Government from Ashland University are unique, designed with social studies teachers in mind.

Classroom Innovation.

Nancie Lindblom, Ashland alumna and 2013 Arizona Teacher of the Year, talks about how her Ashland MAHG degree has helped her innovate in the classroom.

Discussions that Yield Discovery.

Kelly Rodgers’ Ashland MAHG education helps her teach the difficult history of slavery through primary source documents.
MAHG Student

Educating Future Citizens.

As a student in Ashland MAHG program, Robyn Verbois wrote a capstone project about America’s crisis in civic education.

Take the first step.

Learn more about MAHG and how you can be the expert teacher your students need. Admission is conducted on a rolling basis.