Live Online Courses

The Convenience of Online Learning with the Quality of a Traditional Classroom

Using the latest in web conference technology, Live Online courses offer the convenience of an online course with the interaction of a traditional classroom.

Convenient Online Format

Our online courses meet via live web conference once per week for eight weeks on a weekday evening or on a Saturday morning. You will be seen and heard in the online classroom, able to interact with the professor and your fellow students from anywhere you have access to a high-speed internet connection.

Stimulating Interactive Environment

Unlike typical online courses in which students correspond with instructors and other students via email and online bulletin boards often waiting hours or days for a response, our students and professors are connected by live video and audio in real-time. No recorded lectures. No electronic message boards. See and hear your professor and your fellow students. Ask a question and receive an immediate response. Have a comment or something to add to the discussion? Share your thoughts immediately with the class. See what it’s all about in this sample class session.

Small Class Sizes

Heard stories about online courses in which one instructor is assigned to teach hundreds of students in a single class? Enrollment in our online courses is capped at just 14 students. Each class is just large enough to foster quality discussion, but still small enough that all participants get to know each other.

Library and Research Services

Even from a distance, you are still a full member of the Ashland University student community. While enrolled in courses, you have full access to the Ashland University Library’s range of online journals and academic resources. No matter where you live, the information you need is little more than a few keystrokes away.

Simple Technology Requirements

MAHG uses the Webex web conference platform to create the most interactive learning environment available outside of a traditional classroom. In all likelihood, your home or work computer already meets all of the necessary technical requirements. To participate, you need:

  • A relatively modern Windows PC, Mac, or iOS or Android smart device
  • A current version of Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Edge, or the Webex App for iOS or Android
  • A broadband internet connection, whether ethernet, wifi, or 4G/5G cellular
  • A webcam
  • A headset or earphones with a microphone

Take the first step.

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